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Seminars and Workshops for Professionals


Please scroll down to the bottom of the pages. There you will find a translation app to translate the text of the website into English (or other languages). Of course, this tool is not perfect and some translations could be a little bit strange... ;-) So, please simply contact us via email or use our contact form, if you have any questions. Attention: This service is only available, if this feature is supported by your browser! If not, the translator app simply will not appear. In this case, please also contact us via our contact form or via email and we will answer your requests in an email as soon as possible.

For our international seminars and workshops in English language, the PDF with the description and the registration form always will be in English anyway.

Sreenshot of the translator app what should appear Sreenshot of the translator app like it should appear

If you can see this translator app (screenshot on the right) beyond this text, you can directly use it to switch the text into English or other languages! You also will find it at the bottom of the homepage and other pages of this site. If you can´t find it below, this service is unfortunately not supported by your browser.

You can see the translator above? Congratulations, this feature is supported by your browser! Click the arrow right of the drop down box "Englisch" to translate our website into English. You can also select another language in the drop down menue of the translator.

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